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Iyara day spas now carries USDA certifed organic brand, Intelligent Nutrients’ hair care products and plant stem cell renewal complex for skin. The company was started by the original founder of Aveda and has won prestigious awards for its natural and organic line of hair and skin care.

Intelligent Nutrients takes the time and money to have a 3rd party audit our manufacturing, storage and shipping practices – from the raw ingredients right down to the finished goods. And unlike many “natural” and “organic” brands, our ingredient listings are fully transparent. That means that if it’s in our products, it’s on the label. It’s as simple as that





Marma herbal hair remedies

From Thailand

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Natural and eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular amongst the health and environmentally conscious consumers. They are starting to realise that health problems with hair and scalp is largely the result of continuous exposure of harmful chemicals to the hair. To address the growing interest in natural therapies, we are offering natural, herbal hair remedies from Mama Herbal of Thailand. Thailand has a long history of using herbal remedies to treat hair conditions such as greying, hair loss, and thinning hair, damage from chemical treatments, dandruff, flaky scalp, and scalp infections. 15 years ago, Mama Herbal started by offering natural, herbal hair remedies and has built a loyal and extensive customer base with its branches throughout Thailand. For best results, we recommend using the complete Mama Herbal system which includes regular follow up treatment sessions, home care products, and any necessary lifestyle changes in diet, rest and exercise. All products are made in small batches by hand, with high quality natural ingredients and are only distributed through official Mamma Herbal outlets Our service process:

  1. New clients must fill out a consultation form with questionnaire
  2. Our hair care specialist will assess your condition and recommend the best treatment.
  3. Your treatment starts off with a hair wash in preparation for our investigation of your scalp and hair condition. Followed by a blow dry on low heat and application the herbal serum recommend for your condition which will also help remove any chemical residue from your scalp, help reduce-if any- dandruff, itchiness and irritation.
  4. Mamma Herbals special hair masks will nourish your hair and encourage moisture, shine and growth. Regular hair trims are recommended during your course of treatment of 4 to 6 sessions. The mask should be allowed to soak in for at least 5 to 6 hours, or longer, depending on the condition of your hair and how your scalp reacts to the mask.
  5. We recommend following this treatment regime on a regular schedule as suggested by our hair care professional. We will allow provide recommendations on your diet, rest, exercise, and managing stress levels. Expect to see visible results within 6 months of following the Mamma Herbal hair care regime.

See healthier, shinier hair after just 1 treatment!

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