Deep Detox Scalp Mask with Herbal Hair Mask

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  1. To remedy common problems included hair loss, dandruff, itchy /infected scalp, oil scalp, thinning hair, hair with lack of structure and chemical/heat/environmental damage
  2. Our formulas are designed to cover grey hair naturally, and at the same time give nourishment to promote healthier scalp and give strength, body, shine to hair.

Serum benefits



Plai Ginger Serum One

This serum is applied to the scalp directly for those with normal to slightly itchy scalp. This will condition and protect the scalp prior to application of the hair mask. At coating of plai serum on the scalp will help prevent the building up of hair mask residue onto the scalp.

Plai serum is applied onto the scalp with wild honey ( anti- bacterial and nourishing) and sesame oil to treat excessive dryness, itch or dandruff.


Plai Ginger Serum 2

This serum is highly recommend for male clients and those with more severe problems such as hair loss, oily hair, thinning hair, and an infected or itchy scalp.  Plai Two offers more healing properties and several applications of this serum may be needed before one is ready to have a hair mask.  As with Plai One, Plai Two is applied to the scalp with wild honey and or sesame oil if necessary.


Hair Masks

We offer 3 kinds of hair masks which are applied to the hair strands only and not to the scalp.  Hair masks will give more strength and shine to hair, and at the same time darken or add highlights to grey hair.

Indian Gooseberry-Amla formula ( Ma Kham Pom)  

Rich in Vitamin C, this formula will lighten hair after 1 treatment and help take away chemical build up on hair strands. This hair mask should be allowed to soak in for at least 6 hours each time. This formula helps cover grey hair with a natural brown/red highlight.

Ma Han Wan Formula Two

Will cover grey hair in a darker, more intense black color.

Soap Nut Tree-Pra Kham Dee Kwai formula Three 

This formula is similar with Ma Han Wan ( formula 2) in that is covers grey hair. It is often combined with Formula One. Formula Three is applied to the hair roots up to 3-4 inches to cover grey hairs, and then Formula One is used for the ends of the hair which will darken. This results in slight reddish highlights for most Asian hair types. The soap nut tree contains laponin anti-Dandruff, anti-scalp itching properties and protects hair from falling out or turning gray.


General Procedure of our Hair Spa Therapies

To save time during your visit, we recommend washing your hair before your visit. However if you need a hair wash, we will do so with low temperature filtered water, 100% natural and organic shampoo and if needed, conditioner. Hot water is never used here as this will dry out your scalp and cause additional stress to hair roots. We do not recommend the water temperature any higher than lukewarm.

We offer you a hot cup of our special blend Butterfly Pea Flower (promotes hair growth) and Lemongrass/Lime Leaf (detoxifying) tea.

Application of hair mask-Strands of hair will be held taught to ensure all strands are covered with the mask compound and the pulling action will help with scalp circulation.

The hair mask must be left to soak for the recommended time period. During this time you may want to enjoy our other services.

The hair mask will then be rinsed out with cool filtered water and washed according to the procedure outlined above.  This will be finished off with a low temperature blow dry styling and essential oils applied to any dry hair. If you need blow dry on high heat please inform your technician-but this is not recommended.


What to expect after your treatment?

Hair masks must be left to soak in for at least 6 hours for desired coloring effect.  You may have the hair mask applied by us and then go home and rinse out the hair mask yourself.  Please ask our staff about hair masks with less setting time.

Most of us will experience a strong reaction such as itching, to our plai serums after the 1st treatment.  Excess chemical build up in the scalp causes such a reaction and is considered normal. Such reactions should lessen as your hair & scalp undergoes continual treatments with us (usually after 4 regular treatments)

Customers need to apply plai one or plai 2 to follow up to continue process of deter and get rid of all the chemical build up every day or every morning and only use organic or natural shampoo only and best as well use organic and natural body wash or facial products for this transaction if customer got very dry and itchy scalp they must as well apply honey direct in area of if scalp if dry and tight help to use sesame oil to massage to help the healing ( no chemical hair care can be used for this therapies)

After all scalp and hair get all color and healthy they need , they need to come on monthly visit to keep those hair in good condition but as well need to continued only organic & 100 % natural  hair wash , they cannot got back to used those harsh chemical shampoo or low grade conditioner any longer.    For plai can be continued if needed and honey and sesame oil.